Hi, I am Alex

I have over 11 years of expertise in software engineering. My skills and knowledge span a wide range of areas, including .NET, RESTful services, software architecture, microservices, Azure, React.JS, Next.JS, Angular, JavaScript, SQL and NoSQL databases. In my free time, I like developing side projects and learning new technologies.

This is my place for thoughts, reflections & everything in between. Have a good read!


A story about creating a WordPress site from scratch
This post will explore a common mistake in projects MetiatR and CQRS.
This article will describe a roadmap to becoming a badass .NET Software Engineer. I will start with the C# language itself and walk you through the frameworks and technologies you need to master on your journey.
My story about the first days of the war in Ukraine.


A nice and functional way to add a single element to the IEnumerable collection
You can’t have an async constructor in C#, but sometimes you need to have async initialization logic.
Why bother to use Anki in the first place if you can quickly access the information in your Zettelkasten? Because quick access to memory is at the foundation of creative thought and problem-solving.
Having folder hierarchy for organizing your notes is discouraged in Zettelkasten and in some modern note taking applications like Obsidian or Roam Research, but having a hierarchy has an advantage in quick search and retrieval of notes.
Is it worth using NGRX in an Angular app?
Web application optimization is crucial for any web app. You can improve web application performance with Static Site Generation, modern image formats, lazy image loading, Next.JS and Preact.
I just want to give you several simple tips that I learned during the last several years.
I’m used to the Open in VSCode context menu action in Windows, but it was missing in MacOS. So I found how to add it and want to share it.