Top 8 Tips On Crypto Investment


Table of contents

Buy low, sell high

This sounds obvious, and it actually is. Not many people follow this rule though. You should buy crypto not when it is hyped and your friends start talking about it. You should buy it when no one gives a damn about it and when the price is low.

Accumulate as much as you can during the bear market.

If it’s not a bear market right now and you still want to buy, you should analyze at what stage of the cycle we are right now and when the prices are going to drop. Find the experts you can trust and follow them.

Don’t put all your money in Bitcoin

This sounds counterintuitive as Bitcoin is the main crypto out there. It’s the most stable and with the highest volume. But it won’t give you 10x or 100x profits. At least not short or mid-term. And the thing is when Bitcoin goes up, all altcoins go up, but much higher. The opposite is correct as well, when Bitcoin crashes, altcoins crash even harder.

Consider top 30 coins on Take a look at Ethereum, Cardano, Polkadot, Uniswap, Solana, Avalanche, Algorand.

Take profits

When the bull market goes on you should start taking profits. No one knows when it is going to crash, and most people will not predict it and overplay the market. Don’t risk it, if you’ve made some decent gains, just take profits, and don’t be greedy.

Otherwise, you risk losing everything you’ve earned or most of it.

Do your own research

You can hear some YouTubers shilling some altcoins (talking about a cryptocurrency project with the goal of creating more demand for a token and increasing its price). Don’t be fooled, they might be interested in pumping them up, and that alts can have no value. Find some high-quality content that you can rely on.

If you buy lots of altcoins you have no idea of and markets go 80% down overnight, what will you do? If you know that your altcoins have some string fundamentals and have something to offer, then you have more chances to make a profit.

Be patient. Even if your portfolio goes down 30%, 50%, or 80%

The market most probably will recover and you will have some gains anyway. It may take some time.

Always remember that crypto is a high-risk investment, but it is here to stay, so be patient and act wisely.

Secure your crypto

You can store your crypto on an exchange, but that implies some risk. What if it gets hacked? Or the company goes bankrupt? Or there are some regulations for your country that won’t allow you to withdraw your crypto?

Use a hardware wallet such as Ledger Nano S instead. You can be sure that your crypto is truly yours with this approach.

Don’t panic sell

Let’s say that you didn’t predict the market and one day you see that your portfolio goes down 50%. Should you sell? Well, it depends.

In most cases after such kind of rapid drops, the price bounces back. So if you decide to sell in such situations, consider waiting for it to bounce back.

The market is volatile and speculative. Some big players often manipulate the market, so be cautious.

Track your portfolio

Probably you would like to know when your crypto goes up or down and see how much you make. For this purpose, I find the mobile app Delta quite useful.


I have shared the top 8 tips regarding crypto and I hope it can help you make rational decisions and gain some profits in this volatile and highly speculative market. Good luck!